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If you think following Jesus means big-time, big-money,
big-pomp religion, we have good news for you:
Jesus didn’t teach that.


If you read what he taught (in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John), and what he sent his apostles out to teach (from Acts to Jude), these scriptures teach a way — “The Way” — which is pure and simple.  No frills, no froth.

It’s true that since the days of Constantine (about 330 A.D.), “church” has been politicised, institutionalised, corporatised, denominationalised, commercial-ised, and even militarised.  But no matter what some may do ostensibly “in the name Christ”, people can still open the scriptures and read the true teachings of Christ and his apostles and live by that teaching without having to be a part of institutional religion.  This is what we’re striving to do: simply follow Jesus.

We want to avoid all the creeds, dogmas and traditions that humans have developed.  God has spoken, we believe what he has said, and we seek to live by his word.  We’re still growing and learning in this.  We know we’re far from perfect, but we thank God in Christ our Lord that we are forgiven of our failings while we are being transformed into his likeness.

Some have commented about how radical or revolutionary this approach is, but actually it is something that people have done down through the centuries since the days of Christ's apostles.  During those centuries, followers of Christ were often persecuted by the religious establishment, and they’re not prominent in your average history book.  But through the ages, as well as today, people have shown that it is possible to follow Christ this way.

We encourage everyone to put aside the trappings of institutional religion and simply be followers of Christ.  While it’s simple enough to do, it’s hard at the same time, because each one of us is held back by what we’re used to doing and the way we’re used to thinking.  Some of those old ways hinder our pursuit of The Way, but with God’s help we can overcome those hindrances. To quote Paul: “If you think anything differently, God will reveal this also to you”.

On this site we share with you some things we have found in the scriptures which we have started practising.  We hope what we share encourages you to seek the Lord's way and walk in it.  While it's not fashionable or prominent on the religious landscape, there are people around who are doing this, and if we can be any help or encouragement to you in trying to learn and do what is pleasing to the Lord, please let us know.


God's way...
  • is perfect
    Psalm 18:30

  • is far above
    our ways

    Isaiah 55:9


  • is the everlasting way
    Psalm 139:24

  • is the way of peace & salvation
    Romans 3:17
    Acts 16:17

  • is therefore worth the effort to learn more accurately
    Acts 18:26

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